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Nicaragua Honey La Vanguardia

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LA VANGUARDIA, nestled in the heart of the Miraflor ecological reserve, is a mere 24 km from the vibrant city of Estelí. Thirteen years ago, the López Gutiérrez Family embarked on a transformative journey, acquiring approximately 60 hectares of land in Miraflor originally for potato production. However, recognizing the untapped potential of the region, the family pivoted towards sustainable agriculture. La Vanguardia now stands as a beacon of ecological sustainability and social responsibility. The family's innovative approach led to the cultivation of semi-perennial crops like avocados, strawberries, and the crowning jewel - specialty coffee. Thriving at altitudes of 1450 meters above sea level, coffee embodies the spirit of the Miraflor reserve. With exceptional varieties like Java and Maragogipe, the harvest is an intricate dance of innovation and tradition. The careful collection of coffee during harvest ensures not just a rich flavor but a commitment to preventing soil contamination. The journey of La Vanguardia's coffee continues with unique processing methods. The Natural and Honey processes unfold on "African Beds," while micro lots undergo a monitored and controlled fermentation rpocess, predominantly Lactic and Alcoholic fermentation. This meticulous management has allowed us to unveil the true essence of our coffee, with notes of Jazmin, honey's sweet embrace, peaches, vanilla, and caramel. Beyond the rich aroma and flavor profiles lies a commitment to community and sustainability. La Vanguardia is not just a farm; it's a family project that fuels the economy of 45 different families annually, both within and outside the community. Through permanent jobs with employee benefits, they create a ripple effect of prosperity. Moreover, their innovative agricultural practices contribute to the improvement of land use in the protected area and the diversification of farms with non-traditional, eco-friendly crops in the community. When you choose La Vanguardia, you're not just savoring a cup; you're supporting a legacy of sustainable farming and uplifting a community.

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