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Coffee of the Month - Peru La Florida Fair Trade Organic


We get it, choosing coffee can be hard! So, let us do the work for you. We are bringing in a "surprise" offering each month to spice things up a bit. 

These offerings will generally be single origin coffees from all around the world! Every so often there may be a blend we are experimenting with that we just can't keep to ourselves. 

Either way, you get a great coffee because we will continue to source only quality certified to please!

You can set this up for "subscription" and get a new  FULL POUND of coffee to try each month! Add it to your favorite coffee subscription to make the month absolutely slam.

Peru La Florida Fair Trade Organic

In 1966, a group of 50 small-scale coffee farmers from Peru’s Chanchamayo region came together to form the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Florida (CAC La Florida), in order to bypass local intermediaries. Their efforts have since brought much-needed education, infrastructure, credit and environmental restoration to this remote corner of the Peruvian jungle.

Since its founding, the organization has grown to include 19 small communities, with 1,200 members at its peak. The benefits it has created emphasize socio-economic development for its members and protections for the environment. Its education programs provide training for members, workshops on coffee production and management sessions for community youth, and it has funded new libraries, school gardens and uniforms.

CAC La Florida members believe their children are the future of the cooperative and are therefore focused on educating strong leaders, capable of taking on management roles. In 2010, CAC La Florida began to develop social-performance indicators with which to evaluate its existing programs and develop new ones tailored to the needs of its members and the community.

La Florida’s commitment to environmental protection has led it to educate farmers on how to protect the soil from erosion, how to retain moisture and how to restore soil fertility. Members believe it is vital to support the natural ecosystem, as it is home to many different species of insects, birds and animals.

For more than 13 years, CAC La Florida has been committed to providing high quality, certified-organic coffee to buyers and continues to strive for improvements in environmental protection, the quality of life of community members, and the quality of their product.

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