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Direct Trade FTO Honduras Santa Lucia (16 oz)


We have worked together to order and set aside some amazing Fair Trade, Organic and Honey Process options that are all Direct Trade. That means that the farmers/producers themselves secure higher earning for the coffee we buy.

We strive to find coffees or programs that provide for the entire chain and there's none better than purchasing directly. Don't let the "Importers" in the name fool you. Nelson, is a fifth generation coffee producer who saw the need and began the process to become an importer/exporter to protect his family's well-being.

Finca Santa Lucia is tucked away in the little village of Tres Piños, over two and half hours away from the nearest city, Comayagua, Honduras. Raul Rodriguez, a third-generation coffee producer, owns and operates the farm and lives there happily with his wife and three dogs. He inherited this farm from his father, Don Ermenegildo Rodriguez—one of the biggest coffee innovators of his time. Having a vision for specialty coffee, his father introduced the world to exotic varietals such as Yellow Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra.

De La Finca Coffee Importers 

FARM / LOT NAME Santa Lucia Family Reserve
ORIGIN Tres Piños, Comayagua, Honduras
PRODUCER Raul Rodriguez
VARIETAL Ih90, Red Catuai
ELEVATION 1200-1650m
CUPPING NOTES Clean, Balanced, Citrus, Chocolate

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