Progress Coffee Roasting

Coffee of the Month (16 oz)


We get it, choosing coffee can be hard! So, let us do the work for you. We are bringing in a "surprise" offering each month to spice things up a bit. 

You can set this up for "subscription" and get a new  coffee to try each month or order a single month at a time if something catches your eye! Add it to your favorite coffee subscription to make the month absolutely slam.

Direct Trade Honduras Espresso

Honduras Esmeralda Anaerobic Honey plus Santa Lucia Family Reserve

We polled a variety of espresso drinkers to construct a blend of our Direct Trade Honduran options specially mixed for the 'spro. We sent some samples back around for additional comments and the reviews are great!

This new-crop blend is even better than the first. The main ingredient was always a Honey Process coffee and now it is an Anaerobic Honey which means a more balanced, less sour, coffee. The Esmeralda Honey is also Certified Organic, Bird Friendly AND Direct Trade! We round out the blend with Honduras Santa Lucia Family Reserve roasted to two different temps for a bold but smooth coffee!

This blend has the full body you would expect from espresso and adds notes of plum and sweet bourbon throughout. We have brewed it in French press and drip methods and the coffee still shines! You will not be disappointed.

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