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Coffee of the Month -Direct Trade Honduras La Concepcion


We get it, choosing coffee can be hard! So, let us do the work for you. We are bringing in a "surprise" offering each month to spice things up a bit. 

These offerings will generally be single origin coffees from all around the world! Every so often there may be a blend we are experimenting with that we just can't keep to ourselves. 

Either way, you get a great coffee because we will continue to source only quality certified to please!

You can set this up for "subscription" and get a new  FULL POUND of coffee to try each month! Add it to your favorite coffee subscription to make the month absolutely slam.

We wanted to highlight our Direct Trade La Concepcion for October. This is one of our favorites and we are excited to share it with all of our new COTM subscribers!

Honduras La Concepcion

Manuel Pereira

Manuel grew up going to farms to watch his father grow coffee. Inspired to go into the same industry, Manuel, along with his wife, Linda, run Finca La Concepción as a family operation in Marcala, Honduras. In 2015, Manuel began experimenting with honey and natural processing methods. His passion for coffee, as well as his innovative spirit, surround his commitment to consistently improve his farm and implement new ideas.

FARM / LOT NAME Finca La Concepción
ORIGIN Marcala, Honduras
PRODUCER Manuel Pereira
VARIETAL Bourbon, Catuai, Icatu
CUPPING NOTES Plum, Pear, Honey, Smooth Body


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