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Coffee of the Month (16 oz)


We get it, choosing coffee can be hard! So, let us do the work for you. We are bringing in a "surprise" offering each month to spice things up a bit. 

You can set this up for "subscription" and get a new  coffee to try each month or order a single month at a time if something catches your eye! Add it to your favorite coffee subscription to make the month absolutely slam.


December Coffee of the Month is another that WILL sell out!

Guji Hambela Wamena Gr3 Natural 

Ethiopia is the origin of all coffee, and as such grows wild in the coffee-growing regions there. Unlike in other coffeegrowing countries, which have one, or very few, coffee varieties on a farm, in Ethiopia it is far more varied. For this reason, most coffee labels list “heirloom” for their variety.

The Guji zone is directly South of Sidamo and is significantly larger. Guji is named after one of the tribes of the Oromo people, who make up the primary cultural group of Ethiopia. Rich, red-colored soils are abundant here and coffee is grown at altitudes reaching 2000 meters above sea level.

Coffee farming methods in Guji are traditional with many growers having small coffee gardens intercropped with other food staples. Coffee is hand-picked and delivered to a washing station to be either wet-processed or in this case sundried and naturally processed. From a flavor perspective, Guji Hambela Wamena Grade 3 Natural has a full body with dried red fruit notes and a mildly herbaceous aftertaste.  

NOTES: Barry, orange blossom, herbal, minty, tropical fruit, juicy body

VARIETY: Heirloom

ALTITUDE: 2000 masl


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